It is no secret that when you tell a person, whether a friend or a member of your family that you care for and who is an alcohol addict or addicted to some kind of drug that they consume, this person will answer without hesitation “I’m not an addict” “alcohol or drugs do not control my life “I manage and controlthe amount of alcohol and drug consumption” among other responses of denial. With this responses, you can see that addicts usually do not know they are addicted, until the reality hits them in the face. Many times this reality comes too late and the treatments that are used in the patient are not effective enough.

It is for this reason that we invite you to get help to that person with addiction to some kind of drug, whether it be alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine, methamphetamine or medication with prescriptions, so that the treatment that we use here in the center of rehabilitation Morningside Recovery doesn’t come too late and we can save those lives. It is not possible that young people especially (because they are more likely to get into any type of addiction) let the drugs overwhelm their lives.

It doesn’t matter if it’s you father, mother, brother, uncle, grandfather, son and friend. If you know a sick person you have a responsibility and a moral obligation to help them out of the darkness of the drug and request the assistance of the Center for Rehabilitation through our website for specialists to start to do the work of saving that life that is in need of a second chance.

We should never let young people suffer the consequences of our lack of empathy and we need to take the time to help them when possible. All human beings need the opportunity to demonstrate that they can change, which is why this rehabilitation center is designed especially to help these patients. Do not forget that an addiction affects everyone, and no one is untouchable under some circumstances, so recommend this center to any friend, any person that you consider that needs help, and above all recommend this center to anyone you know who has a friend in need of help or a family member that is in pain and suffering due to addiction.

Enter now to our website and requests information through emails available in the contacts.

Gail Stephenson

Associate Executive Pro-Vice Chancellor (student experience), Eileen Thornton, at the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, pays tribute:

“Professor Gail Stephenson was at the forefront of all aspects of developing her profession, nationally and internationally. She established the Department of Orthoptics in 1992, being one of only two university departments in England that offers an Orthoptics degree. She was Head until 2014 when she stepped down to spend more time on developing the postgraduate education for the continuing professional development of qualified orthoptics.

Gail was a senior member of the Orthoptic profession, being selected for many national leadership roles including the Chair of the group which produced the first standards of proficiency for orthoptists in 2003.

In 2011 she was awarded a Fellowship of the British and Irish Orthoptic Society for outstanding service to the Orthoptic profession. She was elected President of the European Orthoptic Association and Vice President of the International Orthoptic Association (the global orthoptic association) in 2013.

International work

Gail was consulted as an expert by many overseas governments with respect to the delivery of eye care in various European countries. She was recognised nationally and internationally for her expertise in binocular vision and received numerous invitations to present guest lectures and master classes all over the world.

Since 1996, Gail was involved in research into the effects of visual function on sport performance at the request of the then Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson. Her research has influenced and changed certain aspects of the coaching activities both for individual players and for the team as a whole. This work has also become part of the ‘talent ID’ process for young academy players. She also used her expertise in this field to advise other sports such as motor sport, tennis, rugby and netball.

First and foremost Gail loved her students and her teaching was rated highly by them. She was never seen without an array of electronic devices about her and was way ahead of the rest of us with her creativity in applying cutting-edge technology to her approaches to delivery.

Valued colleague

As a colleague she was fun to work with and a loyal member to have in your team. She made significant contributions to the University in many areas throughout her working life and was awarded a personal chair in 2013. This was well deserved and one of her proudest achievements.

Gail was held in high regard by her colleagues for her ability to liaise with a great many other professions both locally and worldwide. The impact of her work has influenced teaching of undergraduates, clinical practice and given an indication of the importance of high grade binocular vision in high performing sports professionals.

She will always be thought of as someone with great vitality and energy. The contribution Gail made to the life and work of her students, colleagues and friends will be remembered and valued by them for many years to come.”

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world orthoptics day

The Directorate of Orthoptics and Vision Science has been awarded third prize for a photo competition to mark World Orthoptic Day 2015.

A number of Liverpool submissions were considered to highlight the work of the orthoptic profession and to promote the activities of orthoptists around the world.

The team also developed a series of eye animations to show eye movement disorders. To see the films click here.

View the gallery below for the Liverpool photography entries, including the prize winning submission, ‘Julie Eye,’ created by Dr Anna O’Connor and Alan Bannister.

Julie Eye

Julie Eye

Blurred Vision

Blurred Vision

Health Green Cross

Health Green Cross

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The University of Liverpool has launched a new Massive Open Online course (MOOC) focused on the impact of nursing.

The course, part of the FutureLearn initiative, owned by The Open University, is free and aims to offer high quality programmes, delivered by internationally renowned experts.

As the first UK-led provider of MOOCs, FutureLearn combines elements of the social web with The Open University’s expertise in distance and open learning.

The central message of the new MOOC, led by Denis Parkinson from the University’s School of Health Sciences, is that nurses are at the forefront of healthcare delivery in a rapidly changing world.

Over the course of four weeks, learners will consider how historical developments in Liverpool continue to impact on nursing today; how modern and innovative nursing can change a patient’s quality of life; and how global nursing is shaping international health.

The course begins on the 23rd March. To register, please visit:

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Staff across the University were thanked for their contribution at the Celebrating Success Awards Ceremony last night at the Liverpool Guild of Students.

Hosted by the Vice-Chancellor, more than 200 staff attended the event where Jim Hancock, former BBC Political Editor revealed the winners.

The awards recognise, celebrate and promote excellence by academic, professional service and support staff across the university in the following categories:

Outstanding Early Career Researcher:

Dr Christine Schwöbel-Patel, School of Law and Social Justice

Apprentice of the Year:

Sean Melia, Arts and Heritage Collection, Victoria Gallery and Museum

Outstanding Contribution to Research Impact

Dr Supriya Garikipati, The University of Liverpool Management School

Excelling at Innovation:

The HIV Website Team, Department of Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology (Sara Gibbons, Professor David Back, Professor Saye Khoo, Justin Chiong, Catia Marzolini, Fiona Marra)

Achieving Excellence:

Individual winner: Dr Barry King, Department of Physics

Team winner: The Assessment and Policy Team, University of Liverpool Management School

(Paula Ferrington, Leon Bedeau, Luc Bostock, Luke Dowdall, Will Gordon, Dave Horne, Mary Jlassi, Tom Lloyd, Julie Reddy, Nicola Wood, Joanne Warbrooke)

Inspirational Leadership:

Joint winners: Dr Jo Cummerson and Professor Tom Solomon, Institute of Infection and Global Health

Good Practice in Equality:

Individual winner: Dr Andy Heath, School of Environmental Sciences

Team winner: The Disability, Diversity & Equality Working Group, School of Health Sciences

Civic Contribution

Individual winner: Dr Sarah Peverley, Department of English

Team winner: The Pro Bono team, School of Law and Social Justice

Outstanding Contribution to Research Environment

Joint winners: Dr Christiane Hertz-Fowler, Institute of Integrative Biology and Martina Savio, Research Support Office

Enhancing University Life:

Individual winner: Carol Bolton, Human Resources

Team winner: Fitness Team, Sport Liverpool (Peter Grugel, Adam Joseph, Sean Doyle, Cat McNally, Lindsey McKenna, Megan Deane, Lisa Tanner, Emma Swinney, David Eccles, Carl Serjeant)

Evans Memorial Prize

Staff winner: Debbie Prescott, School of Medicine

Student winners: John McInally, Languages and Catherine Whitehall, Music

Alan Beeston Award

Dr Daniel Holden, Department of Chemistry

David Ellams Award

Siân Winston, Marketing and Communications

Sir Alastair Pilkington Award for Teaching and Learning

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences: Siân Walley, School of Dentistry

Faculty of Science and Engineering: The Civil Engineering Design Project Team ( Professor Ahmed Elsheikh, Dr Zhongwei Guan, Dr Steve Jones)

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences: Dr Alex Balch, Department of Politics

The ceremony also saw long service staff who have worked for the University for 40 and 25 years honoured for their contribution, who together have accumulated over 1,300 years’ service.

Celebrating talent

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Howard Newby, said: “We are privileged to have such talented, innovative and motivated staff, who make all the difference to our students, our research partners and other stakeholders. Great staff achieve great things and I would like to thank you personally for your contributions.”

Award winners included Dr Supriya Garikipati, Outstanding Contribution to Research Impact, who used her research into microfinance in rural India to successfully lobby government and industry practitioners to improve policy and practices surrounding loan disbursement to poor rural women. Her research has impacted the lives of 500,000 women each year in some of the most deprived communities in India.

Professor Tom Solomon and Dr Jo Cummerson, Joint winners of the Inspirational Leadership Award said they were “thrilled and honoured to receive the award.”

The evening culminated in the Vice-Chancellor thanking staff for their contributions to making the University the place it is today.

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