Adult men are not the only individuals who suffer when experiencing the condition known as Erectile Dysfunction. Commonly referred to as impotence, ED greatly imposes on romantic relationships. Statistics show that half of men over the age of seventy have been diagnosed with the condition. It is also estimated that twenty seven percent of men under the age of forty are troubled by the ED. This leaves a massive number of life partners who go without the sexual attention they desperately desire.

In many cases, men begin to feel emasculated, unable to regulate their sexual performance as well as they might have in their younger days. Not only do they develop feelings of worthlessness but they can begin forming resentments. In some cases these resentments are subconsciously taken out on their beloved partner. The partner can begin exhibiting characteristics of their own self-consciousness. There are some men who promptly blame their domestic partner for their condition – this is simply a ploy to preserve what’s left of their damaged masculinity.

Psychologically, the impact that impotence can make on a romantic relationship could be disastrous if couples don’t understand the facts. Men have the tendency to cover their condition. Many are embarrassed by the fact that they suffer from a condition that doesn’t commonly affect the younger population. Nearly ten percent of men don’t fully disclose their concerns when speaking to their primary health care provider.

There is nothing to be ashamed of regarding impotence. Leading professionals estimate that fifty percent of the male population will experience Erectile Dysfunction at some point throughout their life. For the sake of both the man and their partner, scientists have developed specific medications that break through the stages of impotence. Again, it’s important for an individual to consult their doctor before beginning an impotence prevention program. A number of medications require a physician’s approval so it makes sense to save time by going to one appointment.

If an individual doesn’t want to experiment with male enhancement medications, there are a number of natural remedies. The primary ED prevention technique is to maintain a healthy weight. Research shows that men with a 44 inch waist size are twice as likely to suffer from impotence over those who have a 32 inch waist size. Maintaining a healthy weight will also lead to a heightened self-confidence.

Alcohol consumption is a contributing factor when men develop Erectile Dysfunction. Excessive drinking decreases testosterone production and drains the human body of necessary energy. It also negatively affects the blood flow, which is necessary for the maintenance of a healthy erection.

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